Summer-Ready with STEM

STEM education and activities are a way to keep kids’ minds sharp and challenge themselves while also having fun. This summer, consider the following activities to keep kids engaged in STEM learning:

  1. DIY STEM Projects - There are plenty of simple science experiments and DIY projects that kids can do at home. These projects help with creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills. Some examples of DIY STEM projects are egg-drop challenges, paper planes, soap bubbles and balloon rocket races. Students can also get started on a project that they can work on throughout the summer, such as building an app or learning how to code. Visit us on Pinterest for more ideas.
  2. Summer Field Trips - Summer field trips can offer engaging opportunities to learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics through interactive exhibits, workshops and educational programming. Explore your local museum, library and extension and outreach summer programming where kids will have fun learning about science through experiments, demonstrations and models. Also, be sure to visit STEM Day at the Iowa State Fair for exciting STEM activities and stage performances.
  3. Summer Camps – Several communities across the state host camps during the summer related to STEM topics like robotics or coding camps where they'll have fun while learning valuable skills. STEM opportunities and events in your area can be found in your STEM Region or check out the STEM Seal of Approval opportunities near you.
  4. Teachable Moment - Teachable Moment is a collection of online and offline activities and lessons that are broken down into specific age groups to find the best options for your learners wherever you may be this summer.  

This summer, let’s introduce children to the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM can ignite a passion for learning, while building real-world skills. Encouraging learning and exploration at a young age can open doors to a world of possibilities.

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