Computer Science is for Everyone

STEM Council Member Louis Moreno featured in Computer Science career video.
STEM Council Member Louis Moreno featured in Computer Science career video.

STEM learning often begins early. Louis Moreno, an IT Support Analyst at Ruan and STEM Advisory Council member, recalls an interest in computer science from a young age, beginning with a curiosity of how his video games worked. In high school, he had more opportunities in the computer science field, including a Registered Apprenticeship in information technology (IT).

“Computer science is a field for people who are curious and want to learn and want to explore problems,” said Moreno. “Computer science is like learning a language. You don’t have to be great at math in order to learn Spanish, but you have to be patient.”

The “T” in STEM represents the power of technology, which inspires students to be problem solvers, innovators and creators -- skills that are essential for Iowa’s future workforce. “Students who are in STEM programs tend to score a little higher than students who aren’t. The STEM programs challenge the way you think and make you more perceptive and a more inquisitive problem solver,” said Moreno. “STEM is problem-solving, and people who are curious excel in STEM. In computer science, you have a lot of troubleshooting, and you don’t see the same problem every day. Even when the problem doesn’t seem clear at first, I’m always able to find a solution.”

Moreno was featured with more than a dozen fellow Iowans in a video for Computer Science Education Week. The video highlights various students and professionals who utilize computer science regularly in a variety of ways. To view the video, learn more about computer science and access resources, visit

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