A Decade of Igniting Skills for the Future, Curiosity for Life

Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council

The STEM Council is celebrating 10 years of progress toward increased interest and achievement in STEM education for all Iowans. To launch this milestone anniversary, the STEM Council is sharing a video highlighting the growth and evolution of STEM education in Iowa.

In 2011, Iowa was one of the first states to launch a formal STEM education initiative in order to increase student interest and achievement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects and high-demand careers.

Iowa’s STEM Council, established through Executive Order by then-Governor Terry Branstad and co-chaired since the beginning by now-Governor Kim Reynolds, has been a pioneer in STEM education by working with various partners and advocates across the state to introduce and expand program offerings. Education, business and civic sectors have come together to build on the existing momentum and will continue to identify strategies for ensuring all Iowa students have access to outstanding STEM education.

“The purpose of the STEM Council has always been to engage and prepare students for a career-ready path to the workforce while providing a vital competitive advantage to Iowa’s cutting-edge employers,” says Gov. Kim Reynolds, STEM Council co-chair. “Together, we’ve achieved many significant milestones which have shaped our programming and impacted hundreds of thousands of Iowa students over the last decade.”

Approximately 1,000,000 students have been impacted by the programs and opportunities over the past ten years. Public awareness of STEM has greatly increased with 70% percent of Iowans now aware of the acronym STEM. Awareness was at just 26% when the STEM Council launched in 2011. 

While there has been significant progress in increasing interest and achievement in STEM education in Iowa communities, the STEM Council continues to focus on the future. In conjunction with the 10th anniversary celebration, the STEM Council is unveiling an updated tag line and logo.

“We’re transitioning to ‘Tomorrow STEMs from Iowa’ for the bright future that STEM education represents both for individuals and communities across Iowa,” says Jeff Weld, executive director of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council. “Our own future as a STEM Council focuses on enhancing the development, delivery and impact of STEM education resources so that all Iowans have the opportunity to make ‘tomorrow’ brighter.”

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