Educators have until February 28 to apply for an Iowa STEM Scale-Up Program

Clarinda Storytime
Clarinda students explore computer science and literacy through the Storytime STEM-packs: STEM + Computer Science Scale-Up Program.

The STEM Scale-Up Program offers exemplary, high-quality STEM education offerings to educators at schools, afterschool programs and other settings for grades pre-K through 12. The following 14 evidence-based programs are being offered to educators across Iowa to implement during the 2024-2025 academic year:

  • All About Balance (Grades PK-2)
  • Artificial Intelligence (Grades K-12)
  • Blackbird Code (Grades 6-12)
  • Derivita Math (Grades 6-12)
  • Exploring and Connecting to Iowa’s Agriculture (Grades 2-8)
  • FUSE Studio (Grades 4-12)
  • Investigating Everyday Phenomena (Grades K-5)
  • Making Innovative STEM Connections (Grades PK-8)
  • Positive Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science, Biology, Env. Science & Engineering (Grades 6-12)
  • Robo Wunderkind STEM Program (Grades K-5)
  • Spatial Vis: The First Step in Design for Engineering and Technology (Grades 6-12)
  • Storytime STEM-packs: STEM +Computer Science (Grades PK-2)
  • Teachley Math (Grades K-5)
  • Turing Tumble (Grades 3-12)


Who may apply?

Eligible applicants include educators with public and private PreK-12 schools, childcare centers, libraries, county extension offices, home school associations and other formal and informal youth organizations delivering STEM education programming to PreK-12 youth. If an educator’s application is awarded, the Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council will pay for educator training and the program materials. After the implementation, the materials will remain with the educational organization to continue the program into future years.

How to learn more?

Live and recorded informational webinars and fact sheets with more description on each of these programs can be found at:

How to apply?

First, an account is needed to apply. To sign up for an account, see this resource page and links (1st paragraph) at: . Please note, it can take up to three business days for a new account to be activated. 

After learning which STEM Scale-Up Program may be the best fit, apply at:

IMPORTANT! In the application under Application TITLE, be sure to enter YOUR STEM REGION, THE PROGRAM YOU ARE APPLYING FOR and YOUR SCHOOL or ORGANIZATION.  (For Example, Application Title:  NC, Scale-Up Program Name, ABC Elementary School)

Application deadline?

Applications are due by Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 4:59PM (CST) with awards announced in April. Program training and implementation begins after July 1.

All selected STEM Scale-Up Programs went through a rigorous review, demonstrating an appeal to youth across all demographics, success in improving academic performance, evidence of integrating STEM concepts, development of school-business-community partnerships and sustainability beyond STEM Council financial support. The STEM Scale-Up Program serves over 100,000 young Iowa learners each year and demonstrates success in increasing student interest and achievement in STEM.

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