Employers Invited to Host STEM Teacher Externs for Summer 2024

Consider hosting a STEM Teacher Extern for Summer 2024. Apply Today!

Last summer 82 STEM teachers from across the state spent their summer embedded in a workplace environment in order to grow their skills and better understand the needs of business and industry while helping strengthen the community workforce. Since 2009, the STEM Teacher Externships Program has made 859 workplace experiences possible for Iowa STEM educators. This program would not be possible without the generous support of our workplace host partners. We are currently seeking workplace hosts for Summer 2024.

STEM Teacher Externs work alongside skilled and knowledgeable professionals for six weeks during the summer for an immersive experience that increases productivity, brings new perspectives and enhances the bottom line of workplace host organizations. Externship workplace hosts consistently monetize the value of the project(s) completed by STEM Teacher Externs between $2,501-$10,000.  

Muscatine Water and Power hosted a STEM Teacher Extern in 2023. Here is the value of the program according to MPW Human Resource Manager Kirby Phillips. 

Muscatine Power and Water values our collaboration with the STEM Teacher Externship Program for numerous reasons, all of which resonate with our mission, vision and values. This partnership significantly contributes to workforce development by immersing teachers in real-world STEM experiences, it enhances our local educational outreach initiatives, it provides valuable professional development opportunities for our internal staff, it fosters collaboration and innovation, it establishes a potential talent pipeline, and it reinforces our commitment to community engagement and enrichment.

Each STEM Teacher Externship experience is different and matched to the interest of the workplace host and the STEM Teacher Extern. To register interest in hosting a STEM Teacher Extern or simply learn more, visit www.IowaSTEM.org/externships.

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