Enjoy Summertime with STEM

Students and families can take part in exciting STEM activities throughout summer.
Students and families can take part in exciting STEM activities throughout summer STEM festivals, at-home activities and STEM Day at the Iowa State Fair.

There are many STEM opportunities available this summer to engage minds in learning while having fun. The STEM Council Network Team offers a variety of virtual and in-person, hands-on learning opportunities, including the upcoming events below:

  • June 14: Virtual Family MATH Mashup - Join Iowa State University (ISU) mathematics students this summer for weekly activities the whole family can explore! Beginning June 14, participants will receive video links you can watch anytime. The activities are recommended for ages 9+ but are adaptable for all ages. Register by June 7 at ncstemhub.iastate.edu. Brought to you by the ISU Department of Mathematics and the North Central STEM Region.
  • July 16: STEM Day on the Ridge - Enjoy engaging, hands-on activities during this on-site STEM Festival that will take place at the Oakridge Neighborhood in Des Moines for students in grades K-8. For more information, contact South Central Regional STEM Manager Sarah Derry at 515-271-2403.

These additional ongoing opportunities are also available:

  • Northwest STEM Challenge Cards - Expand STEM learning beyond the school year with NW STEM Challenge Cards! Each card features a challenge for PreK-8 grade students that can be done using common household items. Sign up at https://zcu.io/foxs
  • Checkout STEM Kits - Several regions provide access to checkout STEM kits. Contact your Regional STEM Manager for more information. Contact information can be found by clicking on the STEM Region at: IowaSTEM.org/Regions
  • Teachable Moment - Available on the STEM Council website, experience a collection of online and unplugged STEM lessons and activities for PreK-12 grade students. Learn more at: IowaSTEM.org/TeachableMoment
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