Hundreds Celebrate STEM Day at State Capitol

Educators, employers, students, parents, legislators and guests assembled at the State Capitol for STEM Day at the Capitol 2020.
Educators, employers, students, parents, legislators and guests assembled in the State Capitol Rotunda for STEM Day at the Capitol 2020.

STEM exhibits, featuring nearly 200 Iowans, lined the Capitol Rotunda on February 19 for STEM Day at the Capitol. A total of 23 in and out of school displays were present, featuring students who demonstrated the impact of STEM programming in their lives. Exhibitors ranged from STEM BEST models and STEM Scale-Up Program awardees to Computer Science is Elementary models and representatives of other STEM Council programs. 

Sponsored by Collins Aerospace and Vermeer Corporation, STEM Day at the Capitol opened with remarks from Gov. Reynolds, who highlighted the STEM Council’s progress, along with the ongoing need for STEM education to prepare young people for a competitive, global economy.

Bipartisan support from the Iowa Legislature was demonstrated by Senator Bill Dotzler (D), Senator Amy Sinclair (R), Representative Cecil Dolecheck (R) and Representative Dave Jacoby (D) as they shared observations and perspectives about the importance of quality, STEM programming in the state. 

Kemin Industries Vice President and General Counsel Libby Nelson conveyed the company’s commitment to STEM teachers, who are developing Iowa’s future STEM professionals. She presented plaques to recipients of the 2020 I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award, which is sponsored by Kemin.

To close the program, Accumold President and CEO and STEM Council Co-Chair Roger Hargens spoke about how STEM programs are shaping tomorrow’s STEM leaders and building STEM-literate, workforce-ready citizens for Iowa.

The event, which was open to legislators and the general public, drew a large crowd around each exhibit offering engaging demonstrations and hands-on activities. For photos and videos from STEM Day at the Capitol, visit our Facebook page at

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