Iowa’s Latest STEM Gem to Provide Career Inspiration

The latest STEM Gem poster features Youth and Special Services Librarian Tyler Hahn.
The latest STEM Gem poster features Youth and Special Services Librarian Tyler Hahn, who implements STEM on a daily basis in programming at the Cherokee Public Library.

Nearly every career path has STEM components that are integral to the job, even careers that are often not associated as having an emphasis on STEM. For Tyler Hahn and the Cherokee Public Library, STEM has opened doors of possibility.

As the youth and special services librarian, Hahn develops and implements STEM programs at the library that encourage ongoing learning, creativity and fun.

“I am fortunate enough to be able to sit down one-on-one with my patrons to see what their interests are, where their passions lay, what they would like to do in life. And if there’s anything that I or the library can do to learn or facilitate that discovery,” said Hahn, “I try to give as much voice and choice to my patrons in programming as possible because I know that in order for the library to succeed, they need to succeed.”

Fourteen STEM Gem posters have been created over the past ten years featuring career fields in STEM teaching, engineering, computer programming, graphic design, aviation, race car driving and students preparing for future STEM careers.

The latest STEM Gem poster featuring Hahn will be mailed out to nearly 5,000 Iowa mathematics, science, technology and engineering educators to adorn classroom walls. Additionally, anyone wishing to receive the latest STEM Gem poster or the entire series may complete a request form or download and print in house at

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