MVP for Iowa STEM: Mary Meisterling and Alliant Energy

MVP for Iowa STEM
Mary Meisterling serves on the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council and has been an ongoing contributor to the advancement of STEM in Iowa, in partnership with her company, Alliant Energy.

This month’s MVP for Iowa STEM provides energy to Iowa homes and businesses and also to the ongoing STEM efforts in the state. Mary Meisterling, manager of business support and development for Alliant Energy, has served as an active member of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council for three years. In this time, she participated on the planning committee for the 2017 summit. Meisterling was instrumental in identifying and recruiting keynote speaker Patricia Kampling, chairman and CEO of Alliant Energy.

You will also find Meisterling promoting STEM through work and in her free time as she serves on the Cedar Rapids Community School District Board of Education.

“The priorities of the STEM Council line up with my priorities as an individual and the priorities of Alliant Energy,” Meisterling said. “I am proud to work for a company that is so supportive of STEM and to serve on the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council where students are impacted through our efforts in Iowa.”

Meisterling and Alliant Energy focus on future ready career paths and recognize the direct correlation to STEM education. Alliant Energy has been an Iowa STEM Teacher Externship Host, a sponsor of STEM events and programs, in addition to supporting various other efforts. Alliant Energy continues their STEM efforts on a local level through scholarships and grants. They also host students at their facility and send field engineers to schools to teach units on electricity.

Thank you, Mary, Alliant Energy and all members of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council for your contributions to Iowa’s widely-acclaimed, public-private partnership that is inspiring thousands of youth day after day.

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