Computer Science is Elementary

Apply Now for Computer Science is Elementary Project Planning Grant

The Computer Science is Elementary project is taking a crucial next step by inviting eligible Iowa schools to apply between January 22 and March 29, 2019, for $50,000 one-time planning grants.

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STEM Innovation Fund Awardees

STEM Innovation Fund Awards Four Stellar STEM Programs

Through private-sector support, the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council has awarded seed funding through the Iowa STEM Innovation Fund to four exemplary programs to potentially scale their STEM efforts across the state. The STEM Innovation Fund supports STEM programming across the state to develop programs of promise for inspiring and engaging youth in STEM activities and careers.

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2018 STEM Teacher Externship

STEM Teacher Externs Connect Classroom to Careers, Community

Hundreds of Iowa STEM educators have invested a part of their summers in connecting mathematics, science and technology instruction with the world of work that awaits their students.

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Tanya Hunt

Tanya Hunt Joins STEM Council as Part-Time Program Coordinator

Tanya Hunt heard the call for a focused effort to assist the STEM Council team on helping to further support and strengthen the state’s STEM BEST Program partnerships.

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