STEM Education + Workplace Partnerships Summit

STEM Education + Workplace Partnerships Summit Registration Opens

At a press conference on February 27, Gov. Kim Reynolds reaffirmed her vision for preparing Iowans for dynamic careers and lifelong learning by continuing to connect workforce, STEM and workplace partnerships.

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STEM Scale-Up Program

2019-2020 STEM Scale-Up Program Application Closes March 4

What is the STEM Scale-Up Program?

The STEM Scale-Up Program finds some of the state’s and nation’s high-quality programs and delivers them to Iowa educators. Each year, the STEM Council equips thousands of educators with STEM programs that inspire nearly 100,000 Iowa youth.

Ten programs complete the 2019-2020 STEM Scale-Up Program menu, including:

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Computer Science is Elementary

Computer Science is Elementary Project Application Closes March 29

Computational thinking is a new basic skill in the 21 st century. Building a strong foundation early for all students is critical. This will ensure students are well prepared later in their personal and professional lives, including for a dynamic workforce where a growing number of jobs require computational thinking.

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