Students and their families take part in a hands-on chemistry experiment provided  by the Beans & Beignets restaurant, among other STEM exhibits, at the Earlham Family STEM Festival.

STEM Festivals Engage Learners of All Ages

Engineering design challenges, virtual reality testing, gravity experiments, drone demonstrations, herpetology interactions and electricity investigations. These are just a few of the exciting STEM opportunities families can experience at Family STEM Festivals across Iowa.

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Elementary students from Storm Lake Community School District build computational thinking and problem-solving skills through the Scale-Up Program Tiny Techies.

STEM Scale-Up Program Demand Sets Record

A new milestone was reached for the STEM Scale-Up Program, which will have significant impact for in-school, after-school programs and other settings for Iowa youth in the 2023-2024 academic year.

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At STEM Day at the Capitol on February 8, educators and students filled the Capitol Rotunda to share the return on investment (ROI) in STEM Council programs with Iowa legislators.

STEM Day at the Capitol Shows ROI to Legislators

Programs of Iowa’s STEM Council inspire STEM teaching that gives students the technical and intellectual tools they need to connect what they learn in the classroom with real-world applications.

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Regional STEM Advisory Board members from Iowa's six STEM regions attended a  "mega-meeting" to share ideas for increased impact.

Regional STEM Advisory Board Members Convene to Share Practices

The Iowa STEM Council’s implementation network consists of six geographic regions strategically positioned across Iowa.

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As a member of the STEM Advisory Council, MakuSafe Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Gabe Glynn supported STEM Day at the Capitol and engaged with legislators, teachers and students.

STEM Council Members Do More Than Counsel

The STEM Advisory Council consists of a group of leaders in education, business and industry, state and local government and nonprofits who collaborate to boost STEM education and innovation.

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Abbie Chesling, teacher at St. Malachy Catholic School, and some of her kindergarten students demonstrated Storytime STEM-packs, a popular Scale-Up Program, at STEM Day at the Capitol.

Top STEM for Every Child via Scale-Up

Moons mats, Bee-Bots, drones and snap circuits are some of the learning tools offered, along with corresponding curriculum and training, through the Council’s STEM Scale-Up Program.

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Iowa youth gain awareness and excitement for STEM through STEM Day at the Iowa State Fair, among other events and programs led by the STEM Council each year.

Letter from Executive Director

Dear Iowa STEM Community,

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Students from the Clarinda School District demonstrate how they make computer science come to life with STEM Scale-Up Program Storytime STEM-packs.

Thirteen STEM Programs Selected to Scale in Iowa

Educator applications have opened for the STEM Scale-Up Program which provides access to exemplary STEM educational opportunities for students throughout the state. These programs are some of the top in the nation and offer a diverse range of STEM activities to nearly 100,000 students each year.

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Students from the Linn-Mar Venture Academics, a STEM BEST Program, gain non-traditional, project-based learning experiences in job sectors that are in high demand.

Thirty-Seven School Districts to Join STEM BEST Community

Thirty-seven Iowa school districts will join or expand offerings in the STEM BEST® (Businesses Engaging Students and Teachers) Program to provide students with real workplace experiences.

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Blake Fehringer, Le Mars High School Skills and Technical Sciences Teacher, took part in a STEM Teacher Externship experience at Interstates.

Teacher Externships Connect Classroom Learning to Careers

Iowa's educators have considerable influence in equipping tomorrow's workforce with

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