MVP for Iowa STEM: Steve Triplett

Steve Triplett
Steve Triplett, a STEM Council member and ACT’s STEM Client Partnerships director, speaks at the annual John Deere Inspire meeting about ACT findings on STEM.

Of 32 U.S. states where more than half of their graduates take the ACT, Iowa has the highest percentage of students meeting the STEM benchmark.

This great data point to help Iowa monitor student STEM interest would not exist if not for a great partnership with December’s MVP for Iowa STEM Steve Triplett.

Triplett is the STEM Client Partnerships director for ACT, Inc. based in Iowa City. He first started attending STEM Council meetings as a proxy for the organization’s former president John Erickson, but in 2014, Governor Branstad officially appointed Triplett to the STEM Council.

Steve’s plentiful contributions to the STEM Council have shaped many initiatives critical to the success of the operation today. Triplett has helped plan previous statewide STEM summits, has assisted in the selection process for Iowa STEM’s public relations partner Strategic America and has presented annually at the Midwest STEM Forum. His expertise has helped shape recommendations as co-chair of the STEM and the Arts working group, chair of the STEM Professional Development working group and member of the School Counselor Engagement working group. Moreover, Steve and ACT, Inc. have hosted numerous convenings over the years, including a Midwest STEM Forum, a STEM Council meeting and a STEM summit reception.

ACT, Inc’s biggest contribution to Iowa STEM is the annual state-by-state report that highlights the “Condition of STEM” based on ACT scores. Before the report emerged, ACT leaders invited STEM Council Executive Director Dr. Jeff Weld to provide insight on what the report should include to benefit Iowa and states across the country.

“ACT has made a strong commitment to STEM data and research,” Triplett said. “We started looking at how we could utilize that STEM data to support the work of the STEM Council, which is ever increasing the opportunities for our students to be successful in STEM. That’s very fulfilling for me.”

Click here for ACT’s full Iowa Condition of STEM Report and visit the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council to view the roster of the other 46 members of the team helping drive the STEM momentum in Iowa. Succeeding Steve as ACT, Inc.’s representative on the STEM Council will be Scott Montgomery, senior vice president for public affairs. Welcome Scott, and thank you Steve.

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