MVP for Iowa STEM: MidAmerican Energy Company and Kathryn Kunert

Kathryn Kunert
November’s MVP for Iowa STEM is MidAmerican Energy Company and their Vice President of Economic Connections and Integration Kathryn Kunert, a member of the STEM Council.

November’s MVP for Iowa STEM is fulfilling the company’s mission for “power” to light up the STEM movement and heat a passion for STEM across Iowa. MidAmerican Energy Company and its Vice President of Economic Connections and Integration Kathryn Kunert, a STEM Council member since 2015, invest valuable time in Iowa STEM with resources and expertise that energize the movement to produce the next generation of innovators for mid-America.

“We believe business and industry has an obligation to step up and work with schools to see how we can help prepare students to succeed in STEM, which are integral to the work of not only MidAmerican Energy but pretty much every other business,” Kunert said.

Kunert serves on the Business Engagement working group of the STEM Council to create ideas on how to build new partnerships between the private sector and Iowa STEM. Her connection to the STEM Council and the insights she brings back to her company have made MidAmerican Energy Company an invaluable Corporate Partner.

The company took part in the filming of the 2016 STEM PSA, hosted a Teacher Extern in 2015 as part of the Iowa STEM Teacher Externships program and has generously supported Iowa STEM with unrestricted gifts that have funded additional STEM Scale-Up Program awards, STEM BEST and STEM RLE partners and past STEM conferences and events.

“Jobs may be the outcome, but it starts with education,” Kunert said. “STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy and enables the next generation of innovators. Innovation leads to new products and processes that sustain our economy. An increased commitment from business and industry to support STEM education is important, now more than ever because STEM education will create the pipeline for future workers that will keep Iowa moving forward.”

Among the outstanding business partners of Iowa STEM, Kathryn Kunert and MidAmerican Energy Company are exemplars. Thank you Kathryn and the 46 of your Council colleagues who propel forward the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.

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