MVP for Iowa STEM: Kemin Industries

The I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award is just one of many ways that Kemin Industries has helped advance Iowa STEM to promising achievements.

Kemin Industries, known for its “inspired molecular solutions,” inspires STEM solutions as well in partnership with the STEM Council by serving as an example for business and industry partners who wish to help ignite young Iowan minds toward STEM careers.

For the last four years, Kemin’s contributions to Iowa STEM represent a full array of time, talent and treasures. The company has cost-shared and hosted 19 STEM Teacher Externs for the last seven years and has previously supported STEM classrooms and statewide STEM events. Alissa Jourdan, director of discovery research and worldwide R&D coordinator at Kemin, has served on the STEM Council since the beginning with Kemin President and CEO Dr. Chris Nelson recently accepting an invitation to co-chair the STEM Council alongside Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds.

Now in its second year, Kemin Industries also sponsors the I.O.W.A. STEM Teacher Award that honors STEM educators who are making a significant difference in the lives of students across the state by providing excellent curriculum, encouraging lifelong learning and inspiring a passion for STEM beyond the classroom and into the future.

“As teachers, you will help shape Iowa’s economic future by introducing today’s students to the opportunities that exist in STEM fields by educating and equipping them to become better members of tomorrow’s workforce,” Jourdan said at the launch of the award at the Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Iowa Academy of Science–Iowa Science Teaching Section (ICTM-ISTS) conference this month.

One teacher in each of the six STEM regions will receive this honor along with $1,500 for their classroom and $1,500 for personal use. Nominations for the award will be accepted until December 11 at

This month, the honor of MVP for Iowa STEM goes to Kemin Industries. We are grateful for all of your efforts—seen and unseen—to grow Iowa’s young learners into the STEM innovators of the future.

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