Northeast Iowa STEM Region

Northeast STEM Region

The Northeast Iowa STEM Region is a collaborative effort with the University of Northern Iowa. The Northeast Region is able to use the strengths from the institution to help expand STEM into the communities served in Northeast Iowa.

University of Northern Iowa

222 East Bartlett Hall
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0396
Office Telephone: 319-273-7397
Northeast Iowa STEM website:

The Regional Manager, Jeff Beneke, the University of Northern Iowa and the Northeast Iowa’s Advisory Board collaborate to identify, grow and create STEM programs that strengthen the Northeast STEM region.

Northeast Iowa’s Advisory Board Members:

  • Bev Berns, Elkader
  • Sue Burrack, Arlington
  • Lisa Chizek, Toledo
  • Kendra Crooks, New Hampton
  • Larry Escalada, Cedar Falls
  • Heather Fransen, Dubuque
  • Seth Harms, Manchester
  • Doreen Hayek, Cedar Falls
  • Jeff Jacobs, Waverly
  • Marla Loecke, Dubuque
  • Jeanette Moore-Loggins, Waterloo
  • Allison Plunkett, Cedar Falls
  • Anderson Sainci, Dubuque
Iowa STEM - Northeast Iowa STEM Region - Region Manager Jeff Beneke

About Jeff Beneke, B.S.

Jeff Beneke serves as the Northeast Regional STEM Manager for the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council and located at the University of Northern Iowa. He spearheads work across Northeast Iowa to ensure the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council’s mission and programs are implemented to their broadest audience, including STEM Scale-Up Program application recruitment, communications planning, STEM family festival work and collaboration with organizations across the region. Jeff brings nearly 20 years of experience in the energy and environmental fields, ranging from laboratory bench work to business and industry consulting at the Iowa Waste Reduction Center to organizational management for the Iowa Association for Energy Efficiency.