2022 Seal of Approval Recipients

March 2022

State Science & Technology Fair of Iowa

The State Science & Technology fair of Iowa is the largest STEM competition in the state of Iowa. This program focuses on all students in grades 6-12 compete their scientific research projects. Students are immersed in STEM programming and innovation, get judged for their work and compete for awards, scholarships and trips. Iowa businesses judge the student researchers.

June 2022

Modeling the Future Challenge

The Modeling the Future Challenge (MTFC) is a national STEM competition for high school students combining data science, mathematical modeling and actuarial risk analysis into an exciting project-based learning challenge. To compete, students conduct their own research project modeling real-world data to analyze risks and make recommendations to companies, industry groups, governments, or organizations. Iowa State University serves as the Iowa Regional Partner for the MTFC supporting educator professional development and hosting a student workshop on campus in the fall. High school students throughout the state are invited to participate in the Modeling the Future Challenge through the Iowa State University regional activities.