STEM BEST Expansion Leads to New School+Business Partnerships

STEM BEST Program students explore opportunities available in the local healthcare industry.
STEM BEST Program students explore opportunities available in the local healthcare industry.
With 58 STEM BEST (Business Engaging Students and Teachers) models now operating throughout the state, chances are good that you are within driving distance of one or more. These invaluable work-based learning opportunities for students have grown to include nearly 100 school districts and more than 500 employers and other community partners.
Entering the seventh year of the STEM BEST Program, the STEM Council is instituting a new application timeline. The application window will extend from February 10 to May 15, 2020, providing educators extended planning time to collaborate and reach interested partners within their community. 
To aid school districts and community partners in the application process, the STEM Council’s network team will be hosting a series of five webinars covering an array of topics that drive a successful STEM BEST Program. Program partners, as well as experts in the field, will share their experiences and tips as they traversed the application process over the course of the following sessions:
  • Session 1: “Work-Based Learning and STEM BEST: What is it and why do I need it?” on February 12, 2020. Hear from leaders in education on how work-based learning has shaped the opportunities and culture of the communities and districts they work and live in.
  • Session 2: “Tips to building partnerships with local business and industry.” STEM BEST partners will share their methods of reaching out and engaging the leaders of your community to establish meaningful partnerships.
  • Session 3: “Grant-Writing 101” on March 5, 2020. Listen to tips and track to effective grant writing as well as how to develop a budget.
  • Session 4: “Cost-Share: What is it and how do I plan for it?” on March 10, 2020. Find out how and why cost-share is important and hear specific examples of possible ways to meet cost-share requirements for STEM BEST.
  • Session 5: “How to navigate the Online Database for application submission” on March 31, 2020. This provides you with a step by step walk through of submitting and completing a STEM BEST application online.
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