STEM Council Helps Teacher Shortage Through RAPIL Scholarships

Scholarships for the RAPIL Program are now available through the STEM Council for professionals interested in teaching STEM.
Scholarships for the RAPIL Program are now available through the STEM Council for professionals interested in pursuing a STEM teaching career.

The Governor’s STEM Advisory Council is helping to answer the demand for qualified teachers in high-demand fields. Twenty-two STEM scholarships are now invested in teachers-in-training who are transitioning from other professions through the Regents Alternative Pathway to Intern Licensure (RAPIL) Program. RAPIL is an efficient, rapid pathway to teaching. It is a collaborative effort between the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and the University of Northern Iowa to bring the talents and expertise of working professionals to the classroom.

The STEM Council offers the RAPIL Scholarship for STEM Professionals interested in teaching in STEM fields in Iowa schools upon program completion.

Current STEM scholars in the RAPIL program share their impressions:

Former engineer and U.S. Air Force veteran David McMurrin said, “The instructors are set up to make an easy transition out of the business world. There is a lot of new material, but at the same time, we are given everything we need to succeed.”

Former healthcare laboratory technician Kari Buck said, “RAPIL classes coincide with our field experience so we can apply learning in our classes directly to the classroom. When our classes started in August, to think at that time that we were going to be in a classroom in a year was overwhelming. At this point, I feel very comfortable going into a classroom.”

Former physical therapist Christopher Kipp said, “I had preconceived notions about what a classroom is like. Technology has changed a lot, and I’m adding a lot of tools to the toolbox. Adaptability is essential as a teacher.”

Former actuary Amy Jurasek said, “I’ve had a lot of career choices. As I get older, I realized something is missing. I wanted to have more impact on people’s lives. I would recommend the RAPIL Program for anyone further in their career but looking for something different.”

The scholarship offers $3,600 per semester for up to four semesters. For more information, visit

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