Inspirational Stories Share Decade of Impact

The STEM Council is seeking inspirational stories of STEM impact from the past ten years.
Since the STEM Council was formed in 2011, nearly 1,000,000 students have been impacted by the programs and opportunities. Below are some of those stories from the STEM Council’s decade of impact.
Tracy Ferguson, Van Meter Community School District elementary teacher:

On a Mission: STEM Advisory Council Meets to Discuss Path Forward

20th meeting of the Governor's STEM Advisory Council held at Accumold in Ankeny.
A world leader in high precision micro molding, Accumold hosted leaders in higher education, business, PreK-12 educators, state and local government officials to discuss molding the future of the STEM Council as part of a recent convening of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council.

NASBE Report Highlights Iowa as an Exemplary STEM Model


The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) released a report on how states can improve STEM learning through revised standards, special diplomas and promotion of partnerships. This is a critical element for the future of our state and nation as suggested by the following indicators: Read more about NASBE Report Highlights Iowa as an Exemplary STEM Model

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