ACT is a VIP and MVP for Iowa STEM

One of many contributions from ACT includes its annual “Condition of STEM” report that measures interest in STEM in Iowa and the U.S.

Each corporate partner to the STEM Council plays a vital role in the development and advancement of its ongoing priorities. ACT, an independent, not for profit organization focused on data, research and assessment housed in Iowa City, partnered with the STEM Council beginning in 2011 when ACT President Jon Erickson was appointed to the council.

Now three years later, Steven Triplett, Director for STEM Client Partnerships at ACT, serves on the STEM Council and said supporting the STEM initiative is critical to meeting future demands.

“Indicators show that there will be more STEM jobs in the future, and if we don’t prepare students and provide them with the knowledge they need to be successful in those STEM jobs, it could certainly lead to a critical worker shortage in key areas,” Triplett said. “Due to ACT being a large research and assessment firm, we feel that we can provide the information needed to be of assistance.”

ACT produces an annual, national and Iowa-based “Condition of STEM” report that analyzes student interest in STEM and measures it alongside student test scores. The data is yet another tool that helps measure the success of the STEM Council’s programming aimed at increasing awareness and success in STEM majors and careers. Triplett said the report takes a broad look at STEM careers and occupations and indicates a student’s measured and expressed interest in those areas.

Outside of the data provision, ACT has sponsored various events, including the statewide STEM Conference, and hosted a previous STEM Advisory Council meeting on its campus. Triplett said partnering with the STEM Council is a smart move for everyone involved.

“Iowa has certainly taken a leadership role in STEM,” Triplett said. “Jeff Weld, his great staff and the work of the Governor’s STEM Council have been exemplary. In addition, the legislative support in Iowa has been outstanding. There are a number of positives that we can build on as we move forward. It is a great honor to be a member of the Iowa STEM Council.

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